iKanbi Technologies, subsidiary of the holding Target Group and partner of iKanbi, 
is your Digital Expert and provider of IT solutions.

With an experience of 25 years in the world of contact centers, iKanbi Technologies
develops custom-made customer relationship management tools.

iKanbi Technologies broadens the horizon of your opportunities by offering you
innovation, flexibility and agility.




Chatbots and Mobots are the key to the internet of the next decade.

Our bots can go deep in knowledge bases and CRM to answer specific questions
like “Did you receive my payment?”, “Is my delivery on time?”, 
the bot is the new way to book an hotel or order some flowers
without leaving your favorite chat application.

Our bots run independently from the plateform and
are not limited to Facebook Messenger.

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Not every organization can afford an expensive call center system with all its features (skill based routing, advanced queueing, recording, individual reporting…).

Ikanbi Technologies proposes you to use its plateform to share the costs for small to medium teams with no compromise on the functionalities.

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  • screen app
  • screen app
  • screen app
  • screen app


Android, IOS and windows phone applications can help your brand support and
optimize your customer processes.

iKanbi Technologies can propose you applications that can really tighten the link
with your customers and increase their customer satisfaction.

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more loyal and reachable.


Sales leads are the seeds that will grow your business forest. LeadTracker will help you to take the best out of it.

LeadTracker is the innovative system that can help you to manage not only the process : status changes, number of contacts,… but also the quality of your sales team.

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Not every problem has a solution but if it exists, we can make it for you.

Our specialized team has a broad experience of application involving many communication channels.

The SMS should book an appointment and generate an email as confirmation? The delivery of the package should be announced on D-1 to the customer via Facebook messenger?

This section is for you.

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